French exam preparation for Study Visa and PR.

Want to give A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 French exam? Then learn French from the best.


Why give Examination?

For Canada PR


Clearing TEF can help you gain additional CRS points for Canada PR. Clearing a simple exam can boost you towards yout goal of being a Resident of Canada.


For Your Career


Being the second most spoken language in the world French can give you a great boost in your proffesional life. There are no shortages of Jobs for French speakers from Translators to Teachers, being able to speak french is a skill high in demand.


For Study Visa


Learning French can be best possible way for Students who want to go Aborad Canada for Study Visa. It can help your application stand out and is all but necessary if you are applying in Montreal.


CEFR Levels of French language

Which exams to give?

DELF DALF French Exams

DELF and DALF are composed of 6 independent diplomas that correspond to the 6 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The diplomas that make up DELF and DALF are completely independent. This means that candidates can register for the examination of their choice, according to their level. At each level, 4 skills are evaluated: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

TEF French Exam

Created in 1998 by the Paris Ile-de-France CCI, the Test d’Evaluation de Français (TEF) is an international benchmark test that measures your level of knowledge and skills in French. The TEF provides confirmation of one’s level of competency in French in any professional, academic or mobility-related context, and in particular for:
Studying in France with the TEF Études Obtaining French nationality with the TEF Naturalisation Obtaining a French resident card with the TEF Carte de résident Emigrating to Canada and obtaining Canadian citizenship with the TEF Canada Emigrating to Quebec with the TEF Québec – TEFAQ

The TEF consists of 5 tests:

  • Oral comprehension (CO) 40 min
  • Written comprehension (CE) 60 min
  • Oral Expression (EO) 15 min
  • Written Expression (EE) 60 min
  • Vocabulary and syntax (LS) 30 min

This exam is needed if you want to improve your CRS points for Canada PR.

TCF French Exam

The Test de connaissance du français is an exam that assesses a non-native French speaker’s French language abilities. The TCF is used for French language immigration and citizenship requirements in places such as Québec, and for job applications or for personal use. The TCF levels correspond to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for languages) levels. You can take the TCF in over 600 test approved centres that are located in more than 140 nations, including France, around the world. The lowest level is A1, indicating beginner, while top fluency levels are C1 and C2.