French can help with Your Canada Permanent Residence

Being able to speak French and having a valid certificayte can help your Permanent residence chances.


How can Learning French help your Canada PR chances?

Increasing your CRS Score

Learning French and passing TEF can help you increase your CRS score for Canada PR. The CRS points for Bi-lingual has been increased from 30 to 50 for people who learn French. Meaning learning Meaning just being able to speak French can help you in your goal of Canada PR. If you feel stuck in your process odf Canada PR, Learning French for Canada PR and giving TEF exam is best choice for you.

Learning French can help you get Canada PR, Increase your CRS Points Learn French.

Helping with your Job application

Having verified Job application from Canada can help your Canada Permanent residence application like nothing else and nothing can help you get a Job then being able to speak French in Canada especcialy in provinces of Quebec and Ontario which has good French speaking population. So you will have more opportunities and stand out more in your job applications. Read more about how Learning French can help your job appliation here.

Learn French and get a chance to own a house in Canada

Highlighting your profiles over other

French can grant you additional CRS points for Canada PR but it will also help you stand out further, clearing TEF exams will help you increase your profile and it will also stand you out amongs hundreds of other applications since French is one of the official language of Canada. A special care to pick candidates that will integrate better is taken and being a Francophone will help you a lot.

Visit the best of Canada. Get Canada PR and live in canada where you want. Learn French for Canada PR